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Cozy Diner 895-1195

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1695 Mangrove Ave

Phone Number

(530) 895 -1195

Delivery Hours

10:30AM - 8:10PM
10:30AM - 8:10PM
10:30AM - 8:10PM
10:30AM - 8:10PM
10:30AM - 8:10PM
10:30AM - 8:10PM
10:30AM - 8:10PM
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Cozy Breakfast!

Breakfast Served All Day!

Fresh squeezed orange juice

Homestyle favorites

Served with hash browns or home fries and toast or a blueberry muffin. Substitute fresh fruit for hash browns or home fries add $.99

Breakfast sides

Choice steaks!

Our Choice Steaks are aged 21 days to enhance natural flavor. Enjoy!

Biscuits & gravy

Broasted chicken waffles

(All White Meat Extra)

Ciabatta breakfast sandwiches & more

Served with Hash Browns or Home Fries


Our 3 egg omelettes are served with choice of hash browns or home fries and toast or blueberry muffin. Substitute fresh fruit for potatoes for $.99


Served with toast or blueberry muffin

Cozy favorites


Served with fresh fruit

Cinnamon french toast, pancakes & waffles

Cozy Burgers

Our Gold Medal Black Angus burgers are 1/3lb, made with chuck meat only, and broiled for ultimate flavor. Our Cozy Brioche Bun is topped with our special 1000 island dressing. Served with French fries or coleslaw. Substitute seasoned fries, steak fries, or tater tots for French fries for $1.39

Gold medal black angus 1/2lb burgers

Our 1/2lb Gold Medal Black Angus Burger are made with chuck meat only. Served with French fries.

Cozy Sandwiches

Served w/ French Fries or Coleslaw

Salads, Soups, & Chili

Broasted Chicken

Broasted Chicken To Go Orders are dark meat. Served with coleslaw and mashed potatoes & gravy only.

Ala Carte Broasted Chicken To Go

Our Broasted Chicken is Cage Free! Assorted pieces only (1) Breast, (1) Thigh, (1) Wing, (1) Leg

Dinner Favorites

Includes soup or salad, choice of potato or fresh steamed vegetables and garlic bread or corn bread. Substitute seasoned fries, steak fries, onion rings or tater tots for $1.39

Classic dinners


Our choice steaks are aged 21 days to enhance flavor. Enjoy!

Surf & turf

Seafood & fish


Whole Pies


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Lunch Hours

7 Days 11am-9pm

Dinner Hours

7 Days11am-9pm


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